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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Teemo Cypher

    Lately the champion we all love to hate, Teemo has been getting a lot of attention for the "Teemo Cypher's" that have been going around. Started by Blakinola he called out the well known League of Legends song writers Instalok, which in turn started a fun cypher game that has spread to dozens of videos. We here think that this is a fun event that really shows how talented the community is! So our question to you is, what is your favourite Teemo Cypher that has come out? Post your answers in the comments!

Blakinola's Teemo Cypher (Orignial)

Instalok Teemo Cypher (Blakinola Reply)

Thursday, 24 April 2014

A Guide to Jungler Positioning and Awareness

  As a jungler in League of Legends, especially in lower tiers many people forget the importance of having map awareness and control. I consistently see in lower league player's basic mistakes that are not difficult to fix. Fixing this will not only help you out, but the rest of your team!
To start, we have to talk about dragon positioning. In lower leagues, dragon is often regarded as not that important. However having a jungler that understands the importance of dragon, when to make calls for dragon, and where to be on the map when dragon is up is important. One of the most common mistakes I see is when bot lane is losing, mid is losing, and the jungler goes to gank top while dragon is up. This is a clear cut sign that it is safe to do dragon for the enemy team. Not only is their jungler not there, but bot lane and mid lane are too weak to contest the dragon. When dragon is up, and your lanes are losing, stay bot side.
Our next topic is ganking. First off, do you have a strong early game? Champions like Elise, Vi, Shaco and more all have extremely strong early games compared to to others like Hecarim. Know how strong your champion is early game. When ganking always watch out and prepare for a counter gank. A proper time to gank is if you are stronger than their jungler, or you see their jungler in another lane (eg. top while you are about to gank bot). This will prevent many deaths, and will become second nature after a while.
Hopefully you will head onto the rift and practice these tips. Following these can and will help you become a better, more aware jungler!
Calvin 'Jailir' Cindric

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The First Hearthstone World Championships!

   It has finally been announced, the first Hearthstone World Championship is set to take place at Blizzcon from November 7-8. The tournament will feature the top 16 players in North America and Europe from April to August. Alongside any Blizzard certified community tournaments that are set to take place in the upcoming months. China competitors will be selected from a upcoming event set to be held in China seeking the best players, and last but not least, Korean players will be selected from the OGN events held on a weekly basis.

   Overall, we here at The Friendly Nerd are extremely excited. The fact that Hearthstone is rapidly growing into a e-sport is promising for the games longevity, and for any aspiring pro players! It will also surely increase the competitiveness of the game in the upcoming months, and will provide more motive for getting top 16 in Legend! So are you guys as excited as us?? Tell us in the comments bellow how you feel about the first Hearthstone World Championships!